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Secure Vaults Storage Facilities

Rent a private vault to store your assets with a peace of mind. UltraVault's secure vaults storage facility in Antwerp lets you access your valuables safely and with privacy.

Antwerp Safe Deposit Box

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Antwerp Gold and Silver Storage

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Antwerp Fine Art Storage

A dedicated secure vault; custom built to the highest of industry specifications.

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The UltraVault Advantage

Giving You The Best

Duty Free

Enjoy tax exemptions within our secured vault facilities in Free Trade Zones.


Expect full coverage for your assets, underwritten by Lloyd’s of London for up to USD 2 Billion.


Customizing your account to your needs, specifications and preferences.


Delivering your Portable Safe Deposit Box to your office, residence or even hotel.


Protected against risks of political-economic crisis and financial systems, your valuables remain safely yours.

The UltraVault Seal of Safety

Flawless security and efficiency

From an allocated space to an entire dedicated secure vault, we got your needs and preferences covered.

Armed with over 50 years of experience, our facilities are amalgamations of physical surveillance; specially trained and armed response team, paired together with cutting edge technology systems.

With self-contained IT and security alarm systems in place, including an expansive back up power system, computer and security networks are supported and protected against external power failure at all times.

Be it bullions, gems, luxury items, fine art, collectibles, artifacts or heirlooms, our secure vaults storage facilities are fully equipped to securely store your valuables of any shape and size, for any length of time.

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Why use Secure Private Vaults Storage services in Antwerp

Launched by Malca-Amit

Life can get busy and hectic in Antwerp, the heart of Belgium's West Coast. In the highs and lows of everyday existence, it’s important to secure your wealth, possessions, and bullion in a secure environment so you can work and travel in peace. Our secure private vault storage options in Antwerp are suitable for just that.

UltraVault is an innovative, seamless solution of security, storage and accessibility tailored to fit your busy lifestyle.

Utilising our secure private vaults in Antwerp will free you from any kind of risk that has to do with the collapse of financial institutions and the markets. Gold ownership will always remain yours, and your most prized possessions like heirlooms will be kept out of reach from prying eyes and hands.

Apart from these benefits, expect tax benefits and the freedom to do what you wish with your assets and possessions within our private storage vaults.

Dual key security and tamper-proof seals secures each safe deposit box ensuring only you, the verified owner can access their valuables.

  • View, deposit or withdraw your assets anytime, day or night.
  • At your preferred location, at your time of convenience.
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Why Private secure vaults instead of Bank Vaults

  • Protected against risks of political-economic crisis and financial systems, your valuables remain safely yours.
  • Non-disclosure of identity ensures total privacy and confidentiality.
  • Private secure vaults are much more transparent than most bank vaults.

Banking and financial restrictions will not be able to reach your items as our private storage secure vaults are located in free trade zones all over the world.

Let your worries diminish as you store your items in highly secure vaults with us today.

Phone: (213) 627-1103
Address: 550 S Hill St #1590 Antwerp, CA 90013

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